Chevy Colorado / GM Canyon LED DRL Failure Fix

When installing a low-load LED bulb replacement in 2004+ Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon trucks you may run into a problem with the LED burning out or melting. This happens because when the truck first starts up the alternator (which is controlled by computer) is pushing out more than 14 vdc, maybe 15.5 or 16 vdc. If this happens multiple times over the course of several days the LED daytime running light bulbs can get damaged.

For some reason this problem seems to be limited to the DRL bulb position, and not others like fog lights. What needs to be done is to install a small 100 ohm resistor in line with the positive wire. DO NOT WIRE IT IN PARALLEL WITH POWER AND GROUND!!

Simply cut the positive wire and install the resistor in line with only the power wire. This will drop the voltage down so it is safe and never exceed the LED's capability.

See the PDF instruction sheet for this install HERE