Frequently asked questions.

What is the warranty on the GTR Lighting product I purchased?

Click here for all GTR Lighting warranty information.

What is the definition of HID?

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. For more information on H.I.D. click here.

What is the definition of LED?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. For more information on L.E.D. click here.

Do I need a CANBUS HID Ballast?

If your vehicle uses a CANBUS data system to control or monitor the lighting, you might need a CANBUS style HID ballast in order for it to work properly. For more information about CANBUS HID ballasts, click here.

What color LED bulb should I use?

If you are using an LED bulb behind a red or amber lens, it's a good idea to match the color of the lens with the color of the LED bulb. If you use a white lens behind a red lens, you might end up with pink light output. Click here for more details about selecting the right color LED.

Why do my blinkers flash fast when installing an LED bulb?

Your vehicle has a flasher module that expects to see an incandescent bulb attached to it and when it doesn't detect what is normally there it will blink fast to tell you a bulb has burnt out. With an LED bulb, that same flasher always thinks a bulb is burnt out, so you need to trick it into thinking there is nothing wrong. We can do this by installing a load equalizing resistor. These load equalizing kits can be found here.

What's the difference between LED and HID conversion kits?

The difference between HID and LED conversion kits is pretty complicated. To break down the pro's and con's of each style of bulb upgrade we've created an infographic. To see the differences and similarities of these two products click here.

Do I Need a Relay Harness? And How do you Install It?

It is beneficial for some vehicles to use a relay harness when installing an HID conversion kit. Sometimes if your vehicle has a low voltage issue, DRL or a CANBUS issue the relay harness will bypass the factory wiring and pull power straight from the battery. Also using a relay harness in your HID install is a good way to decrease the warm-up time of your bulbs. Here is an installation wire diagram.