GTR Lighting GEN 3 LED Headlight Testing

The GTR Lighting GEN 3 Ultra Series was developed through rigorous testing in a scientific environment measuring important characteristics such as CRI, luminous flux, amperage, wattage, and the dominant wavelength.

As you can see, our bulbs have a Color Rendering Index of 74.9 and perfect white color of 5,658. In the automotive industry, 5,658 isn't a normal color to talk about, so we advertise the bulbs as a color of 6,000K.

A car's alternator creates 14 VDC during normal operation and driving, so we tested the bulbs at 14 VDC, and the input current draw is 1.795, which calculates to a 24.64 wattage power consumption. We round up on this figure and describe it as 25 watts.

The Lumen rating displayed from the integrating sphere testing is 1,765, which is considered effective Lumen, also known as the "real-world Lumen." Our bulbs are rated at 3,700 Lumen per bulb, and this is the Raw Lumen. Advertising LED bulbs by their Raw Lumen number is the industry standard in all automotive lighting products, from headlight bulbs to interior bulbs, flexible strips, and even off-road light bars.

Our goal at GTR Lighting is to change this industry standard and begin showing off the effective Lumen rating alongside the raw Lumen rating. This effort is motivated by our desire to educate better and inform consumers to know what they're really buying.

Other companies advertise ridiculous, exaggerated Lumen ratings like 6,000 Lumen; 10,000 Lumen; 3 -billion Lumen; they are just lying to the consumer.

We believe our transparency in testing data will set us apart from other bulb manufacturers because we are not afraid of our actual testing data.

In fact, we ask all other bulb manufacturers to publish this same information about their bulbs. In another section of our website, we do side-by-side vehicle-specific testing also, so please take a look at that info as well.