How to install a 3rd Brake Light Flasher

How to install a 3rd Brake Light Flasher

This is the new version of the flasher module from GTR Lighting, released in June 2015. Designed to be used in line with an LED brake light, the power consumption does not exceed 3 amps of current draw.


Below you will find a wiring diagram illustrating that there are now 3 wires coming out of the switch instead of 2. More wiring allows the product to work on more vehicles.

Depending on how your brake lights work, you will need to install it one of two ways:

To test whether your vehicle has positive or negative switched brake light wiring, use a computer-safe test light or a digital multimeter and test your brake light wiring. If you always have a ground signal and only get a positive signal when you press the brake pedal, you positively switch brake lights.

If you always have the positive wire energized but only got ground to complete the circle when the brake pedal is pressed, you have ground-switched brakes.

You can find the GTR Lighting Flasher Module here.