How to install HID Headlights in a 2006+ Dodge Charger

The new Dodge Chargers (from 2006+) do not like HID lights. They have a digital controller called HAL onboard that monitors and operates the headlights and other lighting circuits. When HAL doesn't see what it wants to see (the exact resistance and wattage drawn from stock headlight bulbs), it starts a diagnostic procedure that uses pulses of electricity to be sent to the headlights.
It does this until it sees the proper readings then stops flashing the voltage. The way to get around this and install an HID conversion kit in the low beam is to do one of two things:

1. Install the new 35w GEN 3 HID Ballast from GTR Lighting, and that's it. The new GEN 3 ballast has really great internal components built-in like never before and works with Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep vehicles with no extra parts.

2. Install the extra parts to trick the computer into thinking you're running a stock halogen light bulb: First, install a relay harness (9005/9006 style) triggered by the low beam headlight wiring. Next, use a 470uF capacitor and wire it in parallel between the positive and negative wires on the relay harness that plugs into the factory low beam headlight wiring.

Read this PDF instruction sheet to see how to do this install here