The Difference Between CK Style LED Bulbs and Regular LED Bulbs

Do you have a 7440/7443 or a 3156/3157 LED bulb? Do you plug it in, and it doesn't work right, or it's dim, smokes, and/or pops a fuse? Then you might have a vehicle that uses CK-style wiring. 

If you put in an LED blinker bulb and it gets hot or blows a fuse, you've probably got CK-style circuit wiring! Have you ever installed a wedge base bulb like a 7443 or 3157, and when you turned on the lights, they either got boiling or blew a fuse? Sometimes, a car manufacturer will wire their light bulbs differently than what is considered conventional. GTR Lighting is one of the very few companies that offer the 7443 and 3157 LED bulbs in white, red, and amber - but in the CK style lighting. Below is a list of vehicles that use CK-style circuits.