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GTR Lighting License Plate LED Bolts - Down Firing in Black Finish




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GTR Lighting License Plate Down-Firing LED Bolts: The new LED License Plate Bolt Light from GTR Lighting is a simple and effective way to add style and safety to your vehicle! Get an extra cool glow from this aluminum LED Side View Bolt. The light output is a very bright 6,000K white color.

Easy Installation: Can't be easier to wire up: There are just two wires, positive and negative that pass through the hollowed out mounting bolt so you can hook up to your nearest 12v source. Since these are designed for license plate applications, you've already most likely got the holes drilled, so put these LED bolts in place of the original license plate mounting screws and hook the wiring up to your parking light circuit for instant custom LED plate lights! Commonly used for license place lighting, but you can use it virtually anywhere. Fully waterproof & impact resistant! Works great on custom trailer license plate mounting, hot rods, or off-road truck bumpers that do not retain the factory license plate mounting/lighting accessories.

No Compromise: We know you don't compromise on your vehicle and lighting isn't an exception. At GTR Lighting, our mission is to develop and supply the world with automotive lighting products using advanced technology that provides enthusiasts and daily drivers with a true upgrade. It is our priority to optimize the style, technology, and your nighttime driving experience. To find out what upgrades we make for your vehicle, just enter the year, make, and model into the Buyer's Guide on our site!

What's included

LED Accents:

2x (One Pair) Down-Firing LED Bolts


Hole Size:








0.04A @ 14.4V DC

Input Voltage:

9-16V DC


12.1mm (DIA), 4.8mm (Hole Size), 11.6mm (Stud Length), 18in (Input)