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Components that enhance the performance of any LED based lighting upgrade on every car and truck.

Accent Lighting

LED Upgrade: Install Accessories

LED installation accessories are designed to simplify and ease the process of installing and powering up your LED lights. These accessories offer perks like alternate ways to power up your LED lights by including connection options that sidestep the need to alter your vehicle’s existing power supply. LED accessories reinforce your vehicle’s lights and allow a smoother installation process. LED aftermarket conversion kits can make the job of a retrofit upgrade very easy. These kits include all the necessary wires, connectors and power adapters that you need to install LED lights on your vehicle. However, more advanced users do not buy conversion kits because they are limited in what they can or cannot install with a kit. This is where you can get LED accessories, bulbs and wires to upgrade your lights as you want. If you are looking for true freedom and customization, you may want to get LED adapters, wires and resistors separately. At GTR Lighting, we know that many users looking for a customized LED upgrade would prefer to get adapters, relay harness, wire, CANbus connectors and bulbs separately so that they can customize their vehicles exactly how they want. We offer complete LED installation accessories in one place that you can buy individually for your vehicle’s upgrade.

Popularity of LED Lighting Systems

Automobile lighting systems are increasingly moving towards LED solutions. LED lights last longer, offer better efficiency and have a brighter, more beautiful output than halogen or even HID lights. Standardization of LED modules and optimization of the technology in recent years are key factors behind adoption. It is no surprise that more and more vehicles are being equipped with LED technology-enabled aftermarket upgrades. The first full LED headlights were introduced in mid 2000s. Since then, LED technology has gradually made its way into headlamp design. LEDs are also being adopted into fogs, taillights, turn indicators and interior lighting solutions. LED technology has allowed lighting to become a distinctive feature and enabled innovative functions like the glare-free adaptive high beams that were introduced in 2013. Consider accents and interior lighting these days that are completely based on LED technology because LEDs do not generate a lot of heat like halogen or HID bulbs. For many lighting solutions, LED is the only option in the market.

Role of LED Accessories and Controllers

LED installation accessories play a vital role in the development and effective implementation of this technology. CANBUS control units, adaptors and resistors allow improved LED performance, lower power consumption and offer flexible design such as color changing or switchback LED lights. Consider CANBUS adapters that are installed between the wiring of your vehicle and the LED bulb. Since LED car bulbs use a lower wattage than halogen or HID bulbs, the CANbus adapter helps regulate and reduce voltage supply which protects the bulbs from overheating and internal damage. Wire resistors also help prevent your vehicle’s CANBUS system from generating error messages about incorrect power consumption and help the LED bulb work as intended. LED wires and installation accessories allow accurate electric regulation from the battery to the bulb diodes. This is why LEDs can be assembled into rings, halos and strips, which makes them perfect for all intents and purposes on a vehicle.

LED Installation Accessories at GTR Lighting

Although LEDs are still quite expensive, their price has come down significantly, helping the technology spread to a lot of vehicle categories. GTR Lighting has been on the forefront of LED technology development and adoption. We offer high quality LED bulbs, wires and accessories at competitive prices for all kinds of vehicle. The best part about LED lights is the maximum customization you can get. You can install LED bulbs on your vehicle of any power and adjust the wiring with appropriate resistors. With appropriate wire resistors and adjustment you can make you LED bulbs very resistant to damage and last longer than regular, incandescent bulbs. If you are looking to do a customized retrofit LED lighting upgrade for your vehicle you should use top quality wiring and installation accessories that you can buy. GTR Lighting is a recognized brand for automotive lighting solutions. We offer a complete range of LED resistors, wires, connectors and adapters for customized upgrades, sold separately at our store. We offer GTR capacitors for 2200UF 25v, 4700UF 35v, resistor T-Harnesses for 9004 / 9005 / 9006 / 9007 and H1 – H13. We also offer LED bulb adapters for low beam, high beam and multi beam LED bulbs in all bulb sizes. You can also find high quality extension cables, LED Remote controls, dust cover caps, flasher modules and single or multi color controllers. Need guidance to buy high quality LED resistors, capacitors, relay harnesses, controllers and connectors for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!