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Perfect precision paired with maximum lumenosity and lifespan are the cornerstone. Ultra Series HID.

HID Lights – Pro Series Bulbs

GTR Lighting has been a leader in the automotive aftermarket bulb upgrade and replacement sector since 2008. We specialize in supplying HID and LED conversion kits, bulbs, and accessories for a wide variety of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Our high quality HID bulbs will improve brightness and performance while also giving you a safer driving experience. Your headlights and fogs are an important aspect of everyday driving. They come into play whenever you are driving in low light conditions, including driving at night, during fogs, heavy rain, or storms. Headlights can even be useful in broad daylights if you are driving off-road under heavy thickets or tunnels. Originally, headlights and fogs used halogen technology that offered adequate lighting. However, halogen bulbs are often found lacking in performance, and there are often blind spots that lower output quality. We have come a long way since the first halogen lightbulbs were used in vehicles. Today, you can upgrade your vehicle’s headlamps and fogs or get DRLs with powerful HID technology that offers brighter, sharper, and more focused output.

HID Bulbs vs. Halogen and LED Bulbs

If you have the habit of investing in aftermarket upgrades for your vehicle, you may have checked out HID headlights at some point. HID headlights have been available since the early nineties when they were first introduced in high-end models by BMW. These bulbs were quite expensive back then, and drivers were reluctant to use them due to their high price. However, prices have come down in recent years. Today, HID bulbs and kits cost less than LEDs, and you can easily buy a powerful pair of lights in less than $100. They are particularly popular in headlights and currently offer the best output compared to any other types of bulbs. HIDs are so powerful that they are banned in some places for use in hi-beams for headlights. This is because they can cause a glare for approaching drivers, blinding their vision momentarily. Most manufacturers that sell HID headlights use halogen bulbs for the high-beam and have HID bulbs for low beams to sell road compliant headlamps. How Do HID Bulbs Work? HID bulbs are quite different from typical car headlights. HID bulbs require a high-voltage AC circuit while your normal car system works on a DC current circuit. This is why you need to install separate HID ballasts for the proper operation of your HID bulbs.

HID bulbs offer many benefits over the regular Halogen lights.

First off, HID bulbs and ballast last much longer than halogen bulbs. Where a typical halogen bulb might burn out in 3000 hours, HIDs can last for 10,000 to 20,000 hours with ease. Most of the time, HID bulbs can last as long as the vehicle itself without getting dim. Longer bulb life means you won’t need to replace your HID lamps for at least a couple of years. There is a downside to a longer life, though. HID bulbs lose some brightness over time and may lose up to 25% of their brightness after use for 5,000 hours. HID bulbs are much brighter than halogen, and even LED bulbs can’t compare to them in this department. HIDs emit an intense blueish white light, which offers better visibility for drivers compared to the yellow light produced by regular halogen bulbs. Since HIDs are brighter and more powerful, they project light out farther, allowing drivers to see the road at a greater distance. HID bulbs offer much better lighting at night and allow drivers to react quickly to emergencies. From an aesthetic point, they are the best. Another benefit is that HID bulbs are safer for the driver and other motorists. HID bulbs produce distinctive white light that allows drivers to see row markers and road signs more clearly. They also make the vehicle easier to notice for other drivers, giving them time to avoid collisions. The increased light output from high-quality HID bulbs results in illumination of a wider area in front of the vehicle, making it possible to make out potholes or other obstacles on the road. HID lights make it safer for everyone on the road. HID bulbs are also better for a vehicle’s fuel economy. When it comes to energy efficiency, HID bulbs are way ahead of halogen lights. HID lamps are more efficient at converting electrical energy into light. Much of the light produced by HID bulbs is due to the heating up of the xenon gas, which creates a more luminous spark. Research has shown that HID bulbs produce four times better lighting in lumens per watt as compared to the traditional halogen light sources. This is why HID bulbs have been used in sports stadiums and arenas for so many years.

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GTR lighting is a trusted, world-renowned brand for automotive lighting solutions. We have been designing and supplying premium quality headlights, fogs, DRLs, taillights, turn indicators, accents, and interior lights for decades. Our brand has built a strong global reputation for supplying the best quality lighting solutions for vehicle owners. Our HID pro series bulbs are easy to install and rated very high with users. We offer HID bulbs in all sizes, including 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9012, H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13, D2S, and 5202. Need guidance for the best HID bulbs for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!