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HID: Ultra Series Kits

Plug n play performance for those who are unwilling to compromise on all out illumination. Ultra Series.

HID Lights – Pro Series Kits

HID Lights offer a higher intensity discharge, making them quite popular in headlamps and fogs. In order to use HID bulbs on your vehicle, you will need to use an HID (or Xenon) conversion kit. These kits come with complete tools and bulbs that allow you to do a customized retrofit upgrade on your vehicle with ease. HID bulbs use the xenon gas for creating a powerful, luminous spark. HID technology is similar to filament based halogen bulbs where the halogen gas is simple replaced with xenon gas. Xenon is used in combination with other noble gases for producing lights which are three to five times better than any standard halogen bulb. An HID conversion kit provides necessary tools, bulbs, connectors and mounts that you would need to the upgrade. If you are experienced with retrofit upgrades, you can buy each component separately to do a completely customized job. However, if you are unsure about something or new to aftermarket upgrades it is recommended to go with a good quality HID conversion kit. It will save you time and money.

How do HID Bulbs Work

HID light (high intensity discharge) is created by sending an electric charge to the bulb’s electrodes. The bulb is filled with xenon gas that lights up when a spark is created between the two electrodes. The heated up gas creates a very bright and visible spark that is reflected or directed through a shining surface on to the road. The result is a projected beam of light that is brighter than halogen or even LED bulbs. The brighter LED kits and 35W HID kits are considered equally bright with comparable lighting output. However, a 55W HID ballast will always outperform even the best of the current LED bulbs because it is too bright. HID bulbs are not recommended for high-beam projectors because they can cause a bright glare for oncoming drivers and cause momentary blindness. Most HID conversion kits have a plug-and-play installation and offer a choice of 5 different color temperatures that run from amber to cool blue and white.

Why Get HID Bulbs for your Ride?

HID or bi-xenon light bulbs are quite popular for aftermarket lighting upgrades. They help enhance the style of your car, offer better visibility at night and also help improve safety aspect while driving in foggy or dark conditions. Based on feedback from a large numbers of motorists and vehicle owners who have switched to xenon headlights, they are considered better than halogen bulbs while the jury is mixed when compared to LED bulbs. The market opinion should of course be taken with a pinch of salt as everyone’s definition of better could be subjective. For example, someone who prefers bright, sharp headlights would find HID bulbs an improvement but someone who is concerned with cost may find them more expensive. If we attach the subjective word “better” to purely objective specifications like light brightness, performance and lifespan then we can objectively agree that a conversion to HID headlights is preferable to halogen lights by all accounts.

Brighter and Clearer Lights by Far

When it comes to brightness, there is simply no comparison between halogen bulbs and HID lights. Most vehicle owners agree that brightness on a pair of headlights is the most important quality that they look for when going for an upgrade. With xenon headlights, you can get anywhere from three to five times the brightness level that you would with standard halogen lights. HIDs are the brightest replacement car headlight bulbs on the market, even surpassing LED lights by far.

Upgrade to Xenon Lights with Pro Series HID Conversion Kits

Upgrading to HID light has become quite easy, thanks to manufactured kits. Like every other product in the market today, HID kits are produced in many countries around the world so you need to make sure that you get a good quality kit where the components are top quality and genuine. We cannot speak for all kits in general that you will find online. Some of them are not always manufactured in high-quality factories. If you want to buy a good quality HID kit, make sure to get it from a well-known supplier with years of experience like GTR Lighting. A good quality HID conversion kit will help you avoid damage to your car. One of the main reasons to use HID kits it to help you install HID headlights or fog bulbs on any vehicle which was not originally fitted with HID bulbs. GTR Lighting offers a wide range of HID light bulbs and hid and xenon conversion kits that can be used to upgrade HID bulbs including H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11 and H13 with HID kits. We also provide HID conversion kits for 9003, 9004, 9007 and High/low beam HID light bulbs. Need guidance for the best HID conversion kits for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!