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HID Lights – Pro Series Parts & Accessories

In order to do a customized HID lights upgrade for your vehicle, you may need to buy individual components like bulbs, adapters, ballasts, wires, mounts and resistors separately. GTR lighting offers complete range of high quality HID installation parts and components for intermediate and experienced users to help them do a successful HID bulbs upgrade. HID bulbs are popular replacements for vehicle lighting upgrades. Many car owners switch to HID bulbs because they offer better performance, brighter output, greater efficiency and cooler display. If you are looking to do a similar upgrade on your vehicle, there are two main ways to go about it. The first type of upgrade involves purchasing an HID lights upgrade kit. An HID lighting kit includes all the necessary components including wires, ballasts and bulbs etc. An HID bulb kit is great for both new and experienced users who want a simple solution and don’t want to purchase components one by one. The second option is to buy each individual installation part separately. This allows users greater degree of freedom and you can purchase the exact wires, ballasts and resistors that you want. With careful selection you can save money by only purchasing parts that you need. This option is useful for vehicle owners who know exactly what they are doing and have some experience with vehicle upgrades.

HID Pro Series Installation Parts and Accessories

Apart from the HID bulbs, there are three main components that you will generally need for upgrading your vehicle’s lights; relay harness resistors, HID ballasts and wire extensions. The main purpose of relay harness wires with load resistors is to provide stable power supply from the battery to the Xenon ballasts and bulbs. The relay wires pull a signal from the vehicle’s electric control system, and trigger the HID ballasts to get the power directly from the power source. This brings the ballasts into play. When you turn them on, HID ballasts draw a lot of electric current from the battery and help ignite the Xenon gas inside the HID bulbs. Once the bulbs are lit up, the ballasts regulate the electric flow by drawing less energy from the electric system. When the ballasts lower the electric draw, this creates a problem for the vehicle’s electric system which assumes that there is something wrong with the bulbs. The resistors help ‘load’ the vehicle’s electric system and makes it think that the power consumption is correct. The relay wiring harness has two parts. The relay harness gets current flow from the vehicle’s factory socket while makes the Xenon ballasts draw power from the battery with the help of a wiring system. The wiring extensions have a red power wire which should be connected to the battery’s positive terminal. A 30 Amp fuse is located on this power wire to protect the lighting system from additional load. The fuse cuts off the power flow to ballasts in case of short circuiting. The relay wiring harness also has two wires that feed into the ballasts. These wires should be connected to the ballasts’ input that comes with the HID bulb to supply the lighting system with power. Generally, the shorter wire should be connected to the battery side ballast and the longer one to the opposite ballast on the other side. Lastly, the relay wiring harness has two separate grounds that should be screwed in to the vehicle’s chassis to allow the electric current to complete a circuit and return to the vehicle's negative battery terminal.

HID Ballasts for HID Bulbs

An HID Ballast is a device necessary for a Xenon Light that regulates voltage and current to the bulb during startup and during the turned on condition. The electronic ballast for an HID lamp comprises three key functions: 1. A boost PFC stage that comes into play when the bulb is turned on. It maintains the input current and generates a high DC voltage for the bulb. 2. A buck converter that is responsible for lowering current and voltage supply to the bulb once the xenon gas has ignited. 3. An output stage that optimizes and regulates current and voltage to drive the lamp. HID ballasts are necessary to regulate electric current to the bulb. While you can technically install an HID bulb without a ballast, it will burn out very quickly, in a matter of minutes, without proper regulation. Our store offers a variety of HID installation parts including 25v and 35v electrolytic capacitors, 25w to 50w gold style resistors, 50 w resistor T-harnesses and GTR Lighting extension cables for input and output. Need guidance for the best HID installation parts and components for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!