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Plug n play perfect perfection! Brighter & whiter light in an integrated & compact package. CSP Mini.

LED CSP Mini headlights from GTR Lighting

The latest solution in compact LED technology from GTR Lighting, the CSP Mini offers two main benefits. First, it can be easily fit into any headlight housing. The compact design is similar in size and shape to the original halogen bulbs. Second, the beam pattern is designed to be similar to the original filament bulb and creates an accurate beam pattern that fits in most vehicles. The CSP mini bulb creates 2,500 lumens per bulb and consumes 16w per bulb. Light color is 6,000k for a pure white lighting. The dimensions are 1.07” at the base, 0.63” bulb diameter and 2.00” bulb length. It closely resembles original halogen bulbs dimensions making it easy to fit without any adjustments. The small size and clear position of the lumiled Z ES chips on the bulb produce a clear beam pattern without any dark spots or uneven lighting output. The LED bulb has a zero second warm-up time and offers pure cool white in 6,000k setting. While your original halogen bulbs produces roughly 1,000 lumens of light at 55w power consumption, the GTR CSP Mini produces more than twice as much light while cutting down power consumption to a third of the halogen bulb. The bulb also offers OEM beam pattern which will prevent glare for oncoming drivers.

Long Lasting Thermal Protection

The Lighting CSP Mini LED bulbs from GTR Lighting are designed with an advanced thermal protection circuit that prevents bulb failures due to overheating issues. These bulbs have been tested at 194 degrees Fahrenheit for two weeks straight without failure and they are guaranteed to last! The power consumption of the CSP Mini bulbs under ideal conditions is 16 watts. If the LED thermister sensor reaches a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter the temperature protection mechanism kicks in which reduces the power draw and lowers the light output to a safer level. The smart, thermocontrol technology means the bulbs never become so hot that they burn out the chips. This is the most common reason for LED bulb failure and with adequate protection, the CSP mini can last longer than average LED bulbs. The bulb can also drop to a reduced level of 13 watts of power consumption to prevent over-heating. Even at their lower power consumption level, the GTR Lighting CSP Mini LED headlight bulbs are still noticeably brighter and create more than 2,000 lumens of light. This is almost twice the brightness of your factory set halogen bulbs! The heat control function kicks in 100% automatically and you don’t need to do anything. It ensures a much longer lifespan of your headlight LED bulbs. This is why CSP Minis can easily last for 30,000 to 50,000 hours compared to halogen bulbs that burn out within 5,000 hours. The thermal control mechanism uses natural heat dissipation. There are no cooling fans inside the casing. Aviation aluminum heat sink provides super cooling ability and larger heat dissipation area than regular LED bulbs.

Phillips CSP Style LED Chips

GTR Lighting’s CSP Mini LED headlight bulbs are equipped with the best chip technology. The bulbs come fitted with the genuine Philips Z ES "CSP" style LED chips that have a better heat-resistance rating than other similar bulbs. The Phillips Z ES LED chips are rugged, heat-resistant and create the tightest optical source for the best beam pattern. Your headlight bulb LED chips really do make a difference!

CSP Mini LED Headlights from GTR Lighting

The CSP Mini LED bulbs from GTR fit all popular headlight and fog light applications. These bulbs are generally labelled and sold as "LED Headlight Bulbs" but they can be used to cross-over and replace your original fog light bulbs as well. Most headlights and fog lights use roughly the same bulbs and the power output is similar. Make sure to check your vehicle’s documentation or get in touch with our support team, just to be sure. Once you are satisfied with the bulb, match the bulb number of your original application (for instance; 9005, 9006, H4, H13, etc) with the matching GTR Lighting CSP Mini LED headlight bulb. We sell CSP mini LEDs in sizes 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9012, H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13, 800 / 880, 5202 / 2504, 9145 and P13W bulbs. The CSP Mini bulbs are universally applicable on most vehicles and fit all applications including projectors, and headlights with dust shield covers. Please note, if your vehicle uses a CAN BUS system to operate the headlights and fog lights, you may need additional parts like an LED CANBUS or PWM module to make the bulbs work correctly. Contact us for details if you are unsure. Need guidance for buying CSP Mini LED bulbs for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!