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LED: Ultra Series

The best optical alignment. The best fitment. The best output. The best LED Headlights out today. Ultra 2.

Ultra Series LED Bulbs

The GTR Ultra Series LED Bulbs offer cutting edge design and maximum power that you can get from LED projectors and fog lights. Be advised that these bulbs are expensive but they also have the highest output of any of the LED options you can find in the market. The lighting output is comparable to the powerful xenon lights and you get a pure white output. They are more efficient than HID bulbs and will last quite a while. LED headlights and fogs are still a new technology on vehicles. LED bulbs are made of light emitting diodes that light up as electrons pass through them. Since very little heat is generated in the process, there is little to no wastage of energy and LED bulbs are considered very efficient. They were first used for interior lighting because LED bulbs do not get hot and they were considered safer for interior cabin and cargo bay lighting. However, their extreme efficiency and bright light soon received attention from OEM lighting manufacturers and the bulbs have become quite popular in headlamps, fogs and tail lights as well.

Price Factor for Ultra Series LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are better than halogen lights in terms of efficiency, power, brightness and reliability. An ultra series LED bulb can last five times longer than a regular halogen bulb. When you upgrade to an LED bulb you can forget about replacing it for many years, without worrying about burning it out. LED bulbs are also quite sturdy and you can install them on off-road vehicles for reliable driving experience. Despite all these advantages, halogen bulbs remain the more popular choice for vehicle owners. Price of the bulb is the main reason behind this trend. A halogen bulb costs merely a fraction of what LED bulbs cost right now. They also do not require extensive retrofits with accessories and relay harnesses. They are simple and get the job done, while LED bulbs are more preferable for people who want better lighting and longer bulb life. Ultra series LED bulbs are quite expensive and may not be the best option where pricing is a factor for you.

The Ultra Series LED Bulbs

The Ultra Series LED bulbs have been developed after nearly a decade of improvements, design upgrades and testing. We have come up with these powerful ultra bright bulbs after sourcing the best quality materials and gathering tons of feedback from users and drivers all over the world. The Ultra Series GTR LED bulbs offer a much more efficient conversion of electricity into bright light. The bulbs create effective beam patterns that get optimum output and project farther ahead on the road. These new LED bulbs are brighter and last much longer giving you up to 50,000 hours of usage on the road. The ultra series bulbs are also easier to install with plug and play connectivity. They are quite adjustable and easy to install on most vehicle models. The ultra series LED bulbs set a new standard for what LED bulbs in this class category should be and we are proud to add these powerful LED bulbs in our top end product category.

Brighter Than Ever Before

The ultra series bulbs offer best automobile lighting upgrade with multi-core LED chip technology. They project light out in a focused, beam pattern that will light up the road even on the darkest of nights. The lights are built with signature elec-tec chipsets that offer better lumen density than the existing LED bulbs. We have optimized the angle of the LEDs, so that once the bulbs are installed, they will be directly in line with the optics of the projector or reflector type headlight. This will offer you the most effective and safe beam pattern so you get full brightness out of your headlamps. You will see a lot more of the road, without causing a glare for oncoming traffic.

Extra Long Lasting LED Bulbs from GTR Lighting

LED bulbs always offer long life but ultra series LED bulbs are truly the last LED lights you will ever need. We have created a heatsink design that help keep the body of the bulb at a reasonable temperature even with prolonged use and minimizes damage to the bulb. We have also paired the bulb with a bearingless fan that help actively cool the heatsink to maintain a low temperature. The housing on our LED bulbs is potted completely inside, made possible with expensive die-cast housing production. This helps keep the holder and other components cool and dry in extreme weather conditions. The LED ultra series bulb is designed to handle all sorts of weather and driving conditions and you can bet on its reliability anywhere! Our ultra series LED Bulbs are offered in 5202 / 2504, 800 / 880, 9004 / HB1, 9005 / HB3, 9006 / HB4, 9007/ HB5, H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11 and H13 sizes. Feel free to browse our products page. If you can’t find the bulb you need please get in touch with our support team and we’d be happy to find the bulb you need. Need guidance for buying ultra series LED bulbs for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!