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LED Turn Signals, Brake Lights, Parking Lights, Reverse Lights and Interior. GTR Lighting covers it.

LED Lights – Carbide and Armor

The carbide and armor series of LED bulbs can be used to replace all kinds of lights on your vehicle from headlights, daytime running lights and fogs to tail lights, turn signals, parking or reverse lights. The bulbs are designed for an easy plug and play installation and have thermal control mechanisms that make them last much longer. The Carbide and Armor series are top of the line lighting bulb series from GTR lighting. These lights are designed to give out maximum brightness and will go head to head with the best of xenon bulbs. The price of these LED bulbs has come down significantly and you can now upgrade to powerful LED lights at almost the same price as HID bulbs. Add to that the long-lasting life of LED bulbs compared to HID bulbs and it is easy to see how they are a bargain for lighting upgrade!

GTR LED Carbide Lights

GTR originally designed the Carbide Series LED replacement bulbs to be the brightest option in the world for drivers and lighting enthusiasts. They based the technology on producing high LED brightness. The bulbs were ideal for use in headlights, fogs, taillights and accent lighting Today, the bulbs are in their second generation of development and they're even brighter than before. Since these bulbs offer much better brightness than regular LED bulbs, you will experience greater driving safety by making your vehicle easy to detect by other drivers. The LED carbide bulbs also perform better through the built-in CANBUS integration, and more sophisticated style with the beautiful colors effect achieved by the custom built LED chips.

A Quick and Easy Installation

LED carbide lights are not just the brightest, but also the easiest to upgrade from your custom bulb settings. A few years ago, retrofit upgrades to LED required you to wire in resistors to your bulb circuits. This was done to trick the electric system into thinking that your LED bulbs were drawing the same power as your factory set halogen bulbs. But now, you don’t have to do that anymore! The new Carbide Series 2.0 bulbs have a built-in CANBUS-integration circuit that works with almost 95% of all vehicles’ electric control unit. You don’t have to wire in resistors, or replace flasher modules to trick the electrical grid. Our new LED carbide bulbs are truly plug and play, requiring zero customization, while giving you one of the brightest and most reliable lighting options around.

Temperature Control System

The new Carbide Series 2.0 CANBUS LED bulbs have a unique ITCS (Intelligent Temperature Control System) that automatically protects the bulbs from overheating. The case of the bulbs is made of aluminum and larger than other LED bulbs. It accommodates and disperses extra heat given off by the bulbs during the light generation process. The bulbs also have are strategically placed vents and heat sink fins at the top that maximize passive cooling and keep it cool even in adverse temperature.

GTR LED Armor Lights

GTR Lighting designed the Armor Series of LED bulb in a unique Black-Chrome style with massive lighting output. It is one of the brightest bulbs on offer from the store and comes in four unique styles, amber, pure white, amber/white switchback and red for tail lights. All the colors are quite vibrant and impressive and you can choose the appropriate bulb depending on your vehicle location. The Armor series of LED bulbs look impressive both on and off, so if you're looking for a super bright lighting upgrade that also looks cool, armor series would be the right option! The bulb is designed with the state of the art 2835 SMD LED chips that produce very high light output with highly efficient power usage. The focusing lens at the top creates a 165 degree beam pattern output while the decorative metal surrounding for the bulb also doubles down as an excellent heat sink. They have an advanced thermal control mechanism and you can push these armor LEDs to the limit without risk of damaging them from heat! The armor series LED bulbs are amazing and they will last a very long time on your vehicle.

Easy Installation of Armor Series Bulbs

The Armor series of LED bulbs by GTR Lighting are built with advanced and unique electrical circuitry. They will work well with any OEM wiring configuration that you can find in the market including CK Style, SACK style or normal/traditional style. The armor series of bulbs will make your life easier by letting you get a great performance out of your vehicle and easy installation that takes all the guesswork out of your retrofit upgrade. Our LED armor series bulbs will replace any 1156 series bulb, including BA15S, 1073, 1093, 1129, 1141, 1159, 1259, 1459, 1619, 1651, 1680, 3496, 5007, & 5008. We also offer armor series lights for 3156, 3157, 4257, 7440, 7443, T15, 912 and 921 series of bulbs. Need guidance for buying carbide or armor series LED bulbs for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!